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The Walnut Project

The very first "Walnut" came about after we moved into a house with a walnut tree in the front yard. What do we do with all those walnuts? Ship them to friends and family, that's what! A plain old bag of walnuts seemed so boring, so I decided to add a "special" nut as a surprise. The first walnut was covered in gold leaf, had a hinge, a latch and a charm or toy of some sort inside.
Inspiration came from anywhere, including the desire to just see if I could do it, whatever "it" might be. I often have to learn a whole new set of skills in order to complete my vision. Lights, batteries and switches; mirrors and lenses; springs and elastic are some of the things I've explored in my pursuit of walnut fun.

Walnut Project: Text
Walnut Project: Work
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