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Bush Cone Puppet

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Item Specifics: Self-representing artist, original, hand made
Subject: Caricature, political
Type: Sculpture, mixed media
Style: Outsider art


Bush Cone Puppett

Our politics are still showing but we have an antidote for the last days of the G. W. Bush presidency. Instead of cringing, screaming, or crying when the topic of "W" comes up you can amaze and amuse your friends with your own "Bush Cone Puppet" jester. You can even use him to scare trick-or-treaters this Halloween!

Our George W. Bush jester is an original caricature, handcrafted folk art, cone puppet. 15" tall (in or out).

The Bush head is cast in resin from an original clay sculpture. The "Bush Cone Puppet" is a limited edition piece, hand-made by the artist (C.M. Lewis).

Please note that these puppets are built to order with your choice of fabric. Choose below:

Circle Material Stars Material

Flame Material Blam Material

This item is not suitable for children.

$ 40.00

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